This piece was created for a client who wanted something "etherial" for her den after she had redecorated. After talking with her and getting a feel for what she was like and what appealed to her, I created some digital sketches. She was fond of the one shown. Later, I built a cradled panel and wrapped it in canvas.Once that was ready, I applied a layer of molding paste on the perimeter and faded it into the center, leaving a large area of canvas showing. I creatied a texture in the paste and let it dry and started painting. Once the painting was almost finished, the client reviewed it and we discussed some minor adjustments (the last two frames of the animation). It was not imperitive that I match the sketch exactly but only that I capture the mood. I think the actual painting is much more interesting than the sketch and, of course, the texture helps make the piece a tactile - as well as visual - experience. She's very happy with this piece and said it is the perfect final touch for her redecorating scheme (bottom of this page).
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acrylic on canvas-wrapped panel

28 x 48 inches

Detail 1
Detail 2
Detail 3

Journey: Digital Sketch

Animation showing various stages
of painting from raw panel
to finished version.
View of piece
in client's home.