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Logo Project Story:
Advantage Business Systems

it'sALLart was contacted by a small business which sells and leases business machines (copiers, printers, etc.) to re-design their logo in order to update their business image which they felt was lacking and needed to be modernized. They had been using the same logo since their inception 19 years earlier.

I asked to see their current logo and was shown the mark at top right. While the logotype for the word "Advantage" is not too terrible, the rest of the logo was subpar and looked amateurish. The mark was trying to emulate an AT&T-esque look, show movement and have some degree of three dimensional flair. However, my problem with the logo is how it was made of up three separate elements which didn't work as a whole.

I felt it was best to harken somewhat back to their existing mark with the new design, but completely break with the past using new colors and stronger typefaces. A week later, I had several designs which I narrowed down to three completely different concepts internally. At this stage, I don't consider any of my designs to be usable as-is and know that whatever concept the client lands on will be used as a discovery process to get to the final design.

With the client's involvement, we further narrowed it down to the one highlighted in blue on the right. I was happy with the client's decision, but I felt it had the least strength of the three. My next goal was to make it a much stronger logo using the same concept.

It needed pushed further so I went to work on coming up with variations on the same concept. The three best are shown on the right. The last one showing the "cube" being pushed into perspective became a favorite across the board, but the type still needed some umph to get it noticed. The other two concepts were OK, but had legibility problems as well as reproduction problems that might weaken them going forward. This particular client would be printing everything internally, so that became a new parameter for the design.

Next we looked at the concept with various style fonts and decided that an earlier version of the type (with a different mark) had maximum strength and worked nicely as a unit so it quicky became our favorite. We combined them into the logo seen on the far right and it was approved as the final logo mark.

Up next was the decision on color.

I have always felt that color is a very personal decision so I presented a variety of colors and let the client tell me his favorites. There were many more presented than what is shown here, but these were the client's top favorites. As a designer I try to keep control of the particular design of a logo but tend to let go when it comes to color because my tastes may run very contrary to what the client's tastes are.

We really liked the chartreuse cube because the bright green was very eye-catching and very different for a corporation. But the grey lower case type left it feeling a bit dead. Combining it with the medium blue helped liven it up and the black main word in all caps helped snap it up and would become the boldest thing on any page.

The resulting logo is the last frame seen here and has been applied to the client's stationary and soon will be on their new website and other marketing vehicles.

In the client's own words: "This was quite an educational process for me. Keith was very patient and helpful during the time it took to reach the final decision. He's the actual designer and there's no way I would have come up with anything like this on my own. But it was nice to have a hand in the process throughout. It felt like both of us reached a positive solution together instead of being isolated from the process, handed something I didn't feel great about and then be expected to live with it. I'm extremely pleased with this logo! I can't wait to start using it on our website, marketing efforts and stationary."

- Jim Hoerger, Owner of ABS