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it'sALLart Graphic Design: Logos


Logos are a specialized design service at it'sALLart.

Keith has over 25 years of experience designing logos for corporations, organizations, products and services. Half of his over 150 logo designs are still in use today.

Logo designs should not happen quickly, especially for corporations with a long history or a bright future. The decision to design or re-design your company or product logo is one of the most important you will make as a business. it'sALLart uses a carefully guaged, multi-step process to ensure you get not only a mark that you're pleased with, but which fits your business perfectly.

See the process in action here.

it'sALLart Logo Designs:

Mark for a therapy-based psychologist

Package manufacturing company logo

Logo for point of sale system company

Mark for consulting firm

Logo for investment strategy firm

A software company logo

Logo for church/school organization

An internet development company logo

Industrial cleaning business logo

Heating and cooling consulting firm corporate ID

Logo for San Diego PR Firm

A landscaping company mark

Proposed logo for a/v production studio

Proposed logo for co-op gallery

Logo for printer sales/service company

Logo for Software Start-up Company

Logo for Youth Choir

Logo for Church Organization

Proposed Logo for
Arts Center

Proposed mark for drilling equipment manufacturer

Mark for non-profit infant care product firm

Proposed mark for logistics firm