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Took another trip to Cincy yesterday to swap out paintings. Brought 7, left with 5 from the last trip and only one was not accepted into the gallery this trip. Also was given the news that I sold "SMILE, JACKSON" last month which made the trip even more worthwhile. Ate lunch with my travel buddy, Nancy, at Montgomery Inn and had a great time. Rough start due to snow here, but eventually got out of the slow traffic and the roads were clear the rest of the way.

Won a contract to design the corporate identity of a new start-up and have a couple of websites to finish up this month, so busier than usual and hardly any time to paint! Hope to get more pieces started before the new year, getting the itch to be productive again!


Last night's show at Smith-Brauer was a nice, low-key affair with probably the most interaction with people concerning art than I've experienced in quite a while. People seemed genuinely interested in knowing what the thinking was behind the work. I think this was due to the "comfortable sitting room" atmosphere of the area where I hung the pieces. The situation was, however, a little constrained. Only so much room to hang work, but the 10 pieces I showed were fairly representative of my range. Of course, as always, the majority of viewers found my various flavors to be a positive and it always puzzles me why art patrons LIKE this about my work, yet gallery owners and curators do not. I was happy to get out and show work again, it's been a while. Sadly, there was no live music to keep the vibe up as the center opted instead for an Akkido arts person to perform body movements, which oddly, she never did. An interesting evening, all in all. Though none of us sold any works, there is still much appreciation to all who showed up for the evening! The exposure is nice and it's probably best to keep it in my mind as a cumulative process rather than a one-shot deal. You just never know what's going to happen from meeting new people.

In other news, I found out that the MiCo is not going to happen in Carmel after all. For more about that story, go HERE. Amazing that my gut instincts were right about applying for their abstract show. I wisely opted for the S.A.L.I. exhibit and was rewarded for doing so. Lesson: Always listen to your gut!


Getting ready for the show at the Wellness Center, working on several websites at once and trying to fit painting in with all the other projects. The co-op gallery seems to have lost momentum, not for lack of trying but for lack of new participants being interested. Who can blame them? It's a big risk, lots of money and a horrible market (Brownsburg) in which to try and sell art. In retrospect, it's probably a good thing for me because the majority of the load would be on my shoulders and there's really too much going on otherwise right now. Perhaps in the new year, we'll see. I've taken down the "Free Art" page and ended the contest early. An interesting idea, but since I don't have the money to market my website, there's not enough traffic to sustain a contest, even though I did have a lot of participation early on. Congrats to those who took part and won something while they could!


Last month, I was awarded a "Merit Award" at the S.A.L.I Abstract Exhibit and attended the opening and award ceremony. It was an amazing evening and interesting to view all of the amazing works presented along with mine. I've been busy painting and will get busy posting the new works as soon as time allows and I return from a much-needed vacation and plien air paint trip. To quote the judge: "I've never seen these colors used together before, amazing!"


It would be heartless to put anything down here without mentioning this tragic date, considering how we all now think about it. Of course it is a day of national mourning and rememberance, but in some ways it is also a day of hope. Hope that we will eventually come to our senses and realize that the country we invaded and killed innocent civilians actually had nothing to do with the original attack. Hope that a changing of the current president and his puppetmasters will allow us to once again become a country that the rest of the world respects for being cautious before going to war and go to war for a just cause instead of one that is trumped up and falsified. Hope that those who did their duty for this country, regardless of how misguided and tragic, will somehow come to peace with themselves and their families. Hope that those who sustained life-altering injuries will somehow find peace within. Hope that our government can somehow find it's way back to the things that made this country great and shun those ideas and actions that have sullied our identity on this planet. Hope that the environment, healthcare and other more important issues will become their cause to fight for instead of usurping power in small countries where we have no business treading. Hope for the surviving families of 9/11 that they can look to the future and know that they live in a country where every member can stand tall and know that the United States is a safe, secure country where freedom still rings true and our leadership is no less honest than that truth.

Three of my abstract pieces were accepted into the Midwest National Abstract Exhibit put on by S.A.L.I. The opening is Saturday night and they'll announce the prize winners at that point.


Hard to keep track of all that's going on. 3 out of 3 pieces were accepted into the SALI Abstract show, which was a happy moment! One could say inspiring since I've been painting like crazy and no time to put them on this site just yet. Eclectic as usual, but that's not a surprise. Something for everyone. I am bringing back 5 from Closson's tommorow and taking about 12, and some could stay or come back depending on how they strike the curator there. Hope they stay, I could use the space! It will be fun going to the Cincy Art museum and seeing some Inness works again. Have been busy on client websites and other regular biz stuff. No big headaches for a while.

FINALLY got some rain last night after 2 months of hardly any. Felt great seeing the lightening and hearing the thunder.

The gallery idea is out of the bag, announced it via the newsletter and got some response. One member is working on making this thing much bigger than it was previously and if he has the time and energy, then so be it! Member-owned galleries are a mixed bag, but we're trying to keep this one as full of positives as possible. Hopefully opening in Oct. but that's all I can say definitively at this point.


This month brings contract sewing, art schlepping, website repair, some graphic design projects and very little painting. Rejection letters are trickleing in from my mailing efforts, as usual. It takes 100 no's for one yes, or something like that. On a brighter note, I heard from Closson's and am in the process of getting more works ready to rotate out and someone nearby is fond of Birds and Olives, so that will either go to Cincy or stay here depending on fate. They were not hot on some works that I thought they'd want but you never know what someone else will favor.

Also, entered the Southside Art League's International Abstract Exhibition. Perhaps working my way south is better than struggling my way north. Like the rivers, I'll work towards the gulf and find the path of least resistance.

The top-secret gallery idea is gaining ground. That's all I can say for now. I hate being so clandestine about it all, but I don't want to announce that which may not happen.


Getting ready for a big packet send-out today. Thankfully, I have a new printer and will be able to at least show the work in a better light than previously. It's too hot outside to do anything anyway, so I'll be in the air conditioning all day.

Went to the Murphy Building with senor Kadlec last night. Wow, things have changed and not for the better. I want to be positive about the Indy art scene, I really do. However, I left feeling like things in Fountain Square need a huge boost of funds, a change of art taste and better patronage. Maybe one of those parts of the equation brings the other two...

On a better note, I finally got to meet Helmut Fortense, owner of Form+Function, face-to-face. I'll send a packet to him again and see if he remembers who I am.


FINALLY got the big abstract done that has been haunting my studio wall for 2 months. Then in a spurt of creative energy, did a small collage. It's HERE and the big abstract is on the front page of this site. I'm not sure where to put the collage. It's technically an abstract, but it's really in the same mode of thinking that my colorfield paintings are in. I often wonder if there's a gray area that many of my works should sit in because they don't truly fit one exact definition or another. Perhaps I should make a "gray area" category and just relink the pieces. Hmm, another day maybe.

Saw on the On The Cusp site that MiCo is opening in the fall (Midwest Contemporary Art) on the second floor of the Evan Lurie Building in Carmel's Arts District. It is funded in part by Jeremy Efroymson and the first show is being part-curated by one Mr. Scott Grow. I will enter and see what happens. Uhm, don't hold your breath, however. These things are always iffy.

My head has cleared up considerably and the pain is not nearly as bad or often. I completely got off of Allegra-D which I fully consider just more pharma-poison at this point. After doing some research, I found that long-term use (more than 2 weeks) of decongestants leads to kidney disease and worse. Oh, nice! Just what my mother died from, sign me up! And after not prescribing Vicodin for my pain as I asked, (gee, you'd think I knew my own body, but...) my ENT decided to prescribe Darvocet which made me nauseous every time I took it. So, thanks to friends, I have a little supply of V. for really bad days. One of those and a cup of coffee and I am pain free and stay awake very nicely, thank you. And I don't take it more than once a week, so addiction is not going to happen. I don't see how people could take more than one a day anyway, I'd be in a coma... I've heard tales of folks taking up to 20 a day. YIKES!

The May contest winner has picked Old and Young as her choice, so have to ship that out this weekend. Nice to see more entries coming in for June.

There's a possibility of a gallery opening near my home... can't say much more until I know for sure. Could be exciting tho.


My other business has been so busy that I have not had time to paint like normal. Add to that all of the watering (which seems constant now) and there's not enough time or energy left to really get into painting. The want is there, just not the time. Spent 3 hours watering last night. Will it ever rain again here? Perhaps this weekend I'll start something new.

Toying with the idea of entering the abstract contest which SALI is holding. They have size constraints so it makes things a little difficult, but I have a few which might make it.


After remodeling the dining room and kitchen, I'm finally back to painting and updating this site! If anyone out there has remodeled, you know how it can eat your time and money like nothing else.

Going over June's entries, there are some really good ones, so it will be hard to pick a winner. Have to get to that this week among other things. It's too dry and much of my evenings have been taken up with watering. Send some rain!


Spring is always incredibly busy and this year is no exception. I made a trip to Columbus to swap out pieces with the NY gallery. Thankfully, the owner's husband was there for a convention so we traded art and back I came. (Thanks Todd and Diane!) Construction, fog and traffic the whole way in. Being on the road gives you time to mentally organize and I realized I'd forgotton to post a contest winner, so that had to happen ASAP. Sent out possible swaps with Closson's and am waiting to hear back from them. Will probably make that trip in a few weeks.

Been working on the identity for the resturant and also 2 other websites, trying to get my gardens in shape and just keeping up with life, so it has been hectic. Some medical stuff thrown in, my sinuses have been going haywire this year so I'm getting a CT scan next week. Maybe that will shed light on a life-long problem that has become unmanageable. On the brighter side, I'm getting close to completion on a 4 x 5 foot canvas and have sketches for others in the works. Now if I can get my gardens in shape, I'll be able to paint all summer!


Unfortunately, did not receive the Efroymson grant. Yes, that would have been nice, but when a door closes, a window sometimes opens. I've recently been given some great opportunities with graphic design in the form of branding and coordinating the marketing efforts of a new resturant that will open in Louisville. And more website work is coming in every week, so it might have been a bit too much to have the grant on my plate as well. I would still like to make a documentary about ghost walls and I will possibly have the means to do that before the year is out.

Have a 4 x 5 foot canvas started currently and will post the final shot in a few days. Getting time to paint is difficult in the spring, everything is happening at once as usual and keeping up is not easy. And on a bright note, sold "Sintense" at Ashwood in NY, so things are picking up!


The contest entries are incredible! The response has been much better than I'd hoped. It will be interesting to see what the winner chooses after the 10th.

Indy is a tough town for art, another gallery has closed and attendance at shows is down overall. Which, of course, means that sales are down as well. Hoping the economy picks up next month after the tax season is over!

Not many paintings finished last month, but the pace is picking up again, buying some primed canvas this weekend and will start going large again.


Went and installed the piece for the hospital today. It looked pretty nice once up but it was touch and go for a bit because I wasn't sure if the canvas would relax at first. I tried pitching the Asst. Director about the hallway pieces but it seems they already have a plan for that area. You have to try what you can, right? Felt a bit funny about leaving paint chips in her office, though, after rolling out my canvases. From now on, no more unprimed canvas!

I also contacted a film director for my grant documentary idea. Of course, it's pretty premature, but since most working folk have their schedules set way in advance, you have to make contact early. I have a few others in mind that I will contact as well, namely Jeff Diehl (at least for editing) and possibly another one that a friend of mine knows from awhile back. I'd really rather have someone else handle the camera or it will all have to be tripod work and that is more difficult.

Been thinking of doing something with, because it seems that's the way things are heading and I want this to be available to as broad as audience as possible. Not sure youtube is the place for it. Blip seems to be a bit classier in presentation.


Finally got my grant proposal for the Efroymson fund sent in. The use of as a way to enter the images was a little problematic (especially for us troglodytes who still have a dial-up) but I worked my way thru that and it's done and mailed in. Would be sweet to get this grant!

Announcing the art give-away today and it will be interesting to see who (if any) enters.

Made some good contacts at another hospital building and have sold a custom piece there.


Drove out to Castleton to the Community North Hospital to see the installation of the commission pieces. Glad we found someone there that could help find the work, we'd have never found it on our own, the place is a maze. The pieces are dwarfed by the room they sit in, they should have been much. much larger. The situation there is not at all what I was picturing or what was described to me but I'm glad to have gotten a decent public art project. You can see what they look like here.

Have slowed down a bit on painting but have a new canvas stretched on the wall waiting. Busy writing a grant to see if the painting gods will grant me a favor. Grants are difficult, you have to sound like your frame of mind is unique without sounding like an egomaniac. The writing portion is supposed to be all about the artist but it has to be done with a light touch. I really have no idea what they are looking for and past recipients have left me wondering what the grant-givers saw. However, if you don't at least apply, nothing can happen, so I have to try.

The Film Festival fund-raiser is tonight, but lacking the proper apparel (it's black tie) I won't be attending. I have no idea why an event at Radio-Radio would need to be black tie, but then there's a lot about the world of events I don't understand and frankly don't want to. Seems like they are wiping out half of their possible ticket sales with that kind of dress code. There's a 500 dollar award going to the "best art" from a crowd vote. The results from that should be interesting. I'm not usually a crowd-pleaser and the art I sent in is not really my best. Spin the wheel.


When I delivered the paintings, the installer was there but the client was not. Gee, I got all cleaned up for nothing! I was so focused on that job, I forgot that I had a painting to pick up from the Consumption show. Luckily, I remembered yesterday and rushed down to get it. As promised, I stretched a huge canvas. Waiting for the gesso to dry now. Next event is the Auction in February for the Film Festival. Hope we get a good turn-out.


Finished with the commission pieces, they are here. Will deliver next Thursday to Community Hospital North. Looking forward to meeting the client face to face. Also looking forward to stretching a nice big canvas and just letting go!


Went to Consumption opening. Co-current show for Riley Hosp. was in adjacent gallery , so we had some flow for ours as well. Was hoping for signage to help folks get to the other gallery since you have to walk outdoors, but all in all it went OK. The presentation was interesting and done well, most of the other works were thought provoking.


Received swatches from the consulting firm for the commissions. My stretchers came in and needed modifiied for the 2 inch thick measurement they want. Damn catalog typo! Also took in my pieces for the Consumption show and the Feb. 25th Oscar Nite Gala for the Intl. film festival at Radio Radio.


Heard from the TX consulting firm, looks like we are go! My first national commission with a firm that could end up being a repeat customer. Merry Christmas indeed!


Got a call from one of the jurors for the "Consumption" show at Harrison and she came over to see both wall pieces "Miami Alley" and "Goods in the City". (Heard later that "Miami" made it into the show. I have mixed emotions, extremely glad to get in but "Goods" is by far the better piece and fits the theme more closely, in my opinion. Hey, why not both?)

12/10/06 (date appx.)

Received a call from an Art Consulting firm in TX and am being considered for 2 large commission pieces for a new hospital in Indy. Negotiating with them but think this will work out.


Donating two pieces for the Indianapolis International Film Festival's fundraiser in Feb. Decided to give them the full proceeds. Why not?


Mailed in entry for "Consumption" show at Harrison Gallery. Hoping to get some works into that building for the first time. Would be a nice change of pace. Jeremy Efroymson is organizing it so there should be an educated jurying process for this exhibit.


Works back home from Gallery One 36 with no new works brought in for the December show. I need a break! Too much going on with the remodeling and all of my new works need to be put on stretchers.


Sold "Wine with the King" today. Ordered the frame and hoping it will be here before the holidays for the client.


Going on a 20-day vacation at the cabin. Will probably paint plein air if the weather is good. (weather was not good for painting, but we had a blast anyway!)


Show at Gallery One 36. Great turn-out but little in the way of sales. Had a migraine most of the night so I didn't stay long.


Year-long membership with CCA Gallery in Zionsville ends. Pricing structure is different in that location for my current works in other galleries to remain fairly priced. I'll have fun memories of the folks there and working in Zville, but I doubt I'll ever join another co-op. Too many cooks!

Show Home for Silverwood Builders going great, lots of traffic and some good contacts. Many people liked "Cocktail Garden" so I'm feeling good about the tapestry-style presentation.


Brought "smile jackson" work back from Clowes Hall to show home in Carmel along with tapestry work "cocktail garden" and many others. Hoping for a good turnout and lots of exposure.


Painted plein air at the Indiana Dunes today. Probably one of my best outdoor works. Visited many galleries in northern Indiana and bordering Michigan. Met a very nice man at Courtyard Gallery in New Buffalo. Hoping to get some works into that area soon as they have a good amount of traffic and people actually BUY art there! What a concept!


Hung work at Clowes Hall, around 30 pieces in all. Looks great, nice location for hanging the cityscapes. Was a little worried about dampness of the building, some older works already hanging there are badly damaged but most of my works are varnished or sealed in some fashion.


Painted in Richmond with Julie Houck at the Paint-Out. Neither of us placed in the contest, but the man that won did a great job. However, the judging was a bit dubious since it was done by a professor of POTTERY... hmm.


Show and Auction at Gallery One 36. Nice turnout, very hot weather. The guy who made the music was really good and I kept singing along (probably to his consternation). The auction was interesting to see happen.


Painted with Julie Houck today at IMA. Great weather and a nice day to paint, not too hot. Have one unfinished which will have to wait for next year at the same time. We have yet to make it back over!


Brought works to Gallery One 36 to see if we are compatable.


Trip to Cincinnati to see Closson's and other galleries. Closson's accepts FIVE works of mine on the spot! Totally enthusiastic about the day.


Brought a dozen pieces to Columbus, OH for the husband of Ashwood Artisan owner to take back to Aurora NY. Nice guy! Went to other galleries in Columbus, but was only warmly received in one. The owner emailed me later with some very solid critique of my work. She's concentrating on modern works and said I didn't fit the gallery. (?)


Two-man show with Nate at CCA Gallery. Pretty good turnout for the location and some sales thru the night.


Meeting with Bruce Loewenthal of Silverwood Builders to talk about designing a brochure, website and bring up paintings for his show home in Oct.

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